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Why should you donate you car?

  • Aside from the generous tax write off you will get when you donate your car, you will also be giving a helping hand to those around you. Transportation has been identified as the most significant barrier to employment, simply put, those that can work are unable to.
  • Workers on Wheels is taking great strides to change that. We provide participants with reliable vehicles for gaining or maintaining employment. Participants receive vehicles that have been inspected and that are affordable and reliable, so transportation is no longer holding them back. 

Long term impact of donated cars.

  • Self Sufficiency: The state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction for survival; it is a type of personal or collective autonomy.
  • Your donated car provides someone with the transportation that they need to become self-sufficient. When community members become self sufficient, assistance programs become less strained, more taxes go back into the community, and Southwestern Michigan grows! 

Best part is, we'll come and pick it up!

Don't know how to donate your car? Call our Program Manager today, at either (269) 382-0490 or 1-800-343-0174, and we will get you the information you need to start helping!

Help Make Good Work. Donate Your Car! Donate your Truck!

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