Intake Policies And Procedures


General program inquiries can be directed to Sarah Hutchison-Chee at (269) 382-0490 extension 245. Other program specific inquiries may be directed to the staff indicated on Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Referral Packet

Completed Referral Applications with current supporting medical, psychological, social or educational information, as indicated, should be forwarded to the appropriate Goodwill staff contact person as soon as the participant is scheduled. If the referral packet is not complete or received by the team staffing review, the participant may need to be rescheduled.

Personal Interviews

Whenever possible, personal interviews are scheduled with applicants and referring agents, where appropriate, to clarify reasons for referral and program objectives. A consultation fee may be invoiced as a result of this meeting


Call the designated Goodwill staff contact person to schedule services for participants.

Staffing Team Review

A referral is reviewed with an inter-disciplinary vocational program team to insure an integrated and coordinated program plan.

Orientation of Scheduled Client

In all cases, applicants receive a thorough Mission Services program orientation to the total agency, including a facility tour and a review of safety policies and procedures, prior to program initiation. Our Human Resources (HR) orientations are held once weekly for participants and may be required for long term participation. This HR Orientation is required if you will be on Goodwill’s payroll and receiving wages during your participation.

Agency/Program Purposes and Admission Criteria


  • Through the use of Vocational Evaluations and assessments, Goodwill Industries shall assist people who are disabled and disadvantaged to attain the fullest vocational development of which they are capable.

Admission Criteria for ALL programming:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Private and/or public transportation available to facility
  • Documented mental, cognitive or physical disability, and/or socio-cultural disadvantaging conditions which present a barrier to employment.
  • Unemployed, underemployed or needs assistance in maintaining employment
  • Independent self/personal care skills including administration of personal medications
  • Recent psychological or medical evaluation and release to work if presenting vocational problem is related to psychological or physical disability.
  • Not dangerous to self, others or property.
  • Completed referral application and letter / Authorization for services before first day of programming.
  • If eligible, completion of the State Second Injury Certification process prior to entry into any remunerative work services program.
  • Individuals diagnosed with substance abuse problems must agree to participate in ongoing treatment and/or maintenance program in order to be considered for agency services.

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