Mission Services Team Contact Information


Any Program; General Inquiries

382-0490 x267



Phone Number:

Marcia Anderson

Work Readiness Coordinator

Transitional Work Program, Y Work

382-0490 x249

Brenda Conlogue

Data Management Specialist

Mission Services Billing, Vouchers, Data Management

382-0490 x251

Rhonda Carey

Program Assistant

Life Guides, General Mission Services

382-0490 x256

Trenae Dunigan

Financial Coach [3]

Financial Opportunity Center/Financial Coaching

382-0490 x246

Jennifer Fechter

Life Guide

Life Guides, Kalamazoo

382-0490 x286

Scott Goodwin

Adult Education & Training Coordinator


328-0490 x229

Kym Hollars

Resource Navigator

Financial Opportunity Center/Income Supports, Team Member Resource Navigation

382-0490 x287

Sarah Hutchison-Chee

Director of Human Services

General Mission Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, FOC, Vocational Evaluation, Seimer Program

382-0490 x245

Ed Keeter

HIRE Program

HIRE Program, FOC/Employment

382-0490 x237

Brian Kincaid

GED Instructor


382-0490 x240 or x242

Shawn Malec

Placement Specialist

Job Development, FOC/Employment

382-0490 x270

Cathy McNeill-Miller

Employment and Retention Specialist

Job Development, Job Coaching, Situational Assessment, Work Adjustment Training, Career Camp

382-0490 x248

Becky Mullins

Mission Services Intern/WMU

General Mission Services

382-0490 x215

Nancy Murton

Life Guide

Life Guides, Allegan & Kalamazoo

382-0490 x258

Melissa Plair

Siemer Program Manager

Family Stability for Educational Success Program (Siemer Program)

382-0490 x283

Cheri Puryear

VITA Program Coordinator

Tax Counseling Initiative (TCI), VITA, My Free Taxes

382-0490 x221

Linda Snyder

Director of Education, Life Guides and Grants

Life Guides, GED/ABE, Grants

382-0490 x212

Stasia Taverna

Placement & Retention Specialist

Y Work Program, Transitional Work Program

382-0490 x247

[1] Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC)

[2] Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS)

[3] Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services (KNHS)

[4] Michigan Association of United Ways (MAUW)

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