Workers on Wheels: Car Donation & Truck Donation

Workers on WheelsOver 90% of the people in Workers on Wheels this year remained employed at least 12 months.

Transportation has been identified as the most prevalent barrier to employment. Workers on Wheels provides participants with reliable vehicles for the purpose of maintaining or gaining employment.

Participants receive:

  • Vehicles that have been inspected and are affordable and reliable
  • Quarterly vehicle inspection and service
  • Participant training to ensure that the vehicle owner has basic car care and preventative maintenance skills

Your Vehicle Donations are Needed!
Your donation provides someone with the transportation that they need to become self-sufficient and donations are tax deductible. Consider donating as an option to trade-in.

Call our Program Manager today, at either (269) 382-0490 or 1-800-343-0174, to donate your vehicle or to request more information.

Donate Your Car! Donate your Truck!

Donor Information
In accordance with the new 2005 Tax Laws, if it is determined after mechanical inspection that the vehicle can be used by the program for a participant, the donor will receive a Tax Credit Certificate (4284) for Auto Donation (State), which is a $50.00 credit for individuals and a $100.00 credit for husband & wife filing jointly or single business tax. They will also receive a (1098-C) form, (Federal) an Acknowledgement Letter from the program containing the vehicle identification number and Kelly Blue Book value information to aid them in assigning their own fair market value which the donor would be entitled to a percentage of based on their tax bracket. (Goodwill does not assign the vehicle value, this information is provided only as a courtesy to the donor).

If the vehicle cannot be used by the program for a participant which would generally be due to the agencies inability to make the vehicle roadworthy and safe within a reasonable cost, the donor would receive an Acknowledgement letter from the program containing the vehicle identification number, the (4284) Tax Credit Certificate (State), and the (1098-C) form (Federal) both containing the amount that the vehicle was disposed for which the donor would be entitled to claim a percentage of depending on their tax bracket.

In either case, we will retain in our records a copy of what the blue book says the vehicle is worth at the time of donation and/or the amount the vehicle was actually disposed for if it was not used in the program. This information will be sent within 30 days or less from the time of vehicle pick-up. The program is looking for mechanically sound vehicles that need minor or no repairs. However, we do in rare cases accept non-running vehicles if they provide the means to repair an existing program vehicle, or need minor repairs to become mechanically sound.


Counties and Cities We Service

Allegan County Car & Truck Donation | Berrien County Car & Truck Donation | Bridgman Car & Truck Donation | Cass County Car & Truck Donation | South Haven Car & Truck Donation | St. Joseph County Car & Truck Donation (St. Joe County Car & Truck Donation) | Stevensville Car & Truck Donation | Van Buren County Car & Truck Donation

Berrien County Car Donation – Cass County Car Donation – Van Buren County Car Donation – Allegan County Car Donation – St. Joseph County Car Donation – Stevensville Car Donation -South Haven Car Donation – Bridgman Car Donation

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