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Hello and welcome to Upcycle for Good, our brand new DIY crafting blog. We’re here to show you how you can turn everyday Goodwill finds into something fabulous and new.

For our first project we’re going to start with a very simple craft... something that will come in handy during these cold winter months.


Now, legwarmers are one of my all-time favorite winter accessories. Not only do they help keep you toasty in your stylish (maybe not made for winter) boots, but they can also add a splash of color to any outfit. Or, if you’d like to stick to practicality, legwarmers can also help keep your boots from slouching down if you’re wearing a pair that are a little big in the calf.

The best thing about this project? No sewing!

All you will need is an old sweater, a ruler, a pair of scissors, and a pen.

Something to consider when choosing your sweater for this project, a tight knit sweater will hold its shape better and is less likely to unravel. If you would like to use a looser knit, keep in mind you may have to hem the cut end in order to keep from unraveling.

First you’ll need to lay your sweater out on a flat surface, and then you’ll take your ruler and measure 12 inches up from the cuff of the first sleeve. You may of course measure up further if you’d like a little longer legwarmer, you’ll just want to ensure when you measure the other sleeve your lengths are the same.

Mark the 12 inch point with your pen, and then use that mark as a guide to draw a line horizontally across the sleeve.

Steps 3 and 4 sweater diy

Use your scissors to cut along the line you just made. Go slowly so as not to snag the sweater material.

Step 5 sweater diy

After you have detached the first sleeve, repeat all of the previous steps on the other sweater sleeve.


You now have a brand new pair of legwarmers ready to compliment any outfit.

step 6 and 7 sweater diy

I know what you’re thinking (aside from “awesome!”).

What about the rest of the sweater?

Well, Dear Reader, you’ll have to stay tuned. Our next post will show you just how you can upcycle the rest of your old sweater.

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Stay warm!

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