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DIY Cowl

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Hello again, hopefully this post is finding you well rested after a nice holiday.

Today we have a very easy DIY Cowl tutorial for you, one that pairs very nicely with our previous post about DIY Leg Warmers. This project is a great way to use more of the sweater from the previous project. Depending on the material of your sweater, this project may or may not involve sewing.

For those of you using a tighter knit shirt/sweater, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors and your sweater of choice.

Today I will be continuing on with the same sweater I used for the leg warmers.

The first thing you’ll want to do is lay your sweater flat, then fold it upwards so that the fold seam runs from the bottom of one arm to the other.


I’ve found the best way to cut is to place one hand firmly on the sweater, holding the material in place, while cutting along the fold.


If you have any uneven areas along the edge, just carefully trim them down best you can. Once you are satisfied, fold the material in half inward, so the trimmed edge is essentially hidden inside of the cowl.

4 5Cowl

And that’s it. Super simple. Super cute. Combine your DIY Cowl and Leg Warmers to add some color to any winter outfit!

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