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Hello again, dear readers! Welcome back for another exciting DIY project. This week we will be showing you how to take an old lamp and give it new life! When you’re done you’ll be proud to shine the spotlight on this Goodwill find!

Here’s what you’ll need for this fun project:

A lamp, a lampshade, spray paint, scissors, painter’s tape, a push pin, and a print out of a design of your choice!


Be sure to wipe down your lamp to remove any dust or grime that may interfere with the painting process, and then move on to taping your lamp. You will want to completely cover the socket to ensure no paint gets in there. We also taped up ta portion of the cord to keep it safe.


Before painting, be sure to move either outside or to a very well ventilated area. You may use any paint of your choosing, but for this project I chose a paint plus primer. Make sure to go over the lamp with slow even sprays.


As you wait for the paint to dry, you can begin on the next step of this project: the lamp shade. After doing an online search for “swirling pattern” we found an image we liked and printed out a sheet with several copies on it. Cut down your pattern to smaller pieces of paper, and then tape them to the inside of your lamp shade.


Using your push pin, poke holes through the plastic of your lampshade using the pattern you’ve taped to the inside. These will create tiny holes for the light to shine through giving you a beautiful display when finished.



By the time you finish designing your lamp shade, the paint should have dried on your lamp. At this point you may wish to apply a second coat, depending on the quality of your paint, the color, or even the material of the lamp.

When dry, remove all of the painter’s tape, insert a bulb, and enjoy your handiwork!


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