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 Welcome back crafty citizens! We have another awesome craft for you this week, a spring themed project to brighten your table. This week we will be making a floating teacup centerpiece!

All you’ll need is a teacup and saucer, a fork, a hot glue gun, and some fake flowers/foliage!


Your fork is going to be the backbone of this project (literally!). The first thing you’ll want to do is bend the tines so they are almost at a 90 degree angle from the handle of the fork. Like so:


Next, you’ll want to glue the handle of the fork to the inside of your teacup. Don’t be afraid to go a little overboard on the hot glue, you really want this to stay put!


Give your glue some time to set. While waiting for it to cool and solidify, you can work on preparing for the next steps of the project. You’ll want to start cutting up your foliage for the base of the project. We used this grass/reed like greenery. We found it helpful to fan out the reeds and then tape the base of them together so we didn’t have to glue individual pieces, and instead could secure whole bundles at a time.


You’ll also want to cut the stems off of your flowers.


At this point, your fork should be secured enough to move onto the next step: attaching the floating teacup to the saucer. Again, do not worry about using too much glue.


After that, it is as simple as applying your foliage and flowers. This step is really up to the individual. Do you like more greenery than flowers? Do you want to add mini Easter eggs and make it holiday themed? The possibilities are endless.


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