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Welcome back again! Hopefully we’re finding you in good health (aside from a mild case of Spring Fever)! This week we’re going to work on some more Spring/Summer décor. We’re making our very own Sea Glass!

Now, for this (super simple) project you will need: clear glassware of your choosing (bowl, vase, candle holder, etc.), Elmer’s glue, food coloring, a paper bowl or cup, and a paint brush.

In your bowl, mix Elmer’s glue with a few drops of your food coloring in the color of your choice. There is no precise mixture. We did however learn from experience that you will not need as much ‘paint’ as you think you do (oops).

Depending on the size of your glassware choose your paintbrush. The vase we used had wide, angular sides, so we chose a rather large brush. When painting on your colored glue concoction, do so with long even strokes. This helps avoid discoloration and minimizes groves in the paint.

After you have fully and evenly coated your glassware, leave it to dry for 1-3 hours. It dries lighter than the color you paint on, so depending on your personal color preferences, you may want to treat it with another coat.

When finished it is ready to go! Display wherever and however you want, bringing a little more color into your home.

Keep in mind that this project is not waterproof, and is meant for decorative purposes. The coating will wash off. If you wish to seal the project and make it a bit more permanent, we recommend modge podge matte finishing spray.

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