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Hello everyone, it’s that time again! Time for another new craft.

This week is a special double craft post. We’ll be working with mason jars and showing you two of the many things you can do with them.


For the first project you’ll need a mason jar, burlap netting, a hot glue gun, sand, a fake flower, and a candle.

You’ll want to measure out enough netting to encase the jar, and secure it to the outside with the hot glue gun.


Next, you’ll attach a decorative flower to the side of the jar near the top with your hot glue gun. Add about two inches of sand inside, and a candle. Now you have a very summery candle holder!


The second project we’ll work on is a fairy jar!

For this one you’ll need another mason jar, Elmer’s glue, food coloring, a paintbrush or sponge, fairy print out, and scotch tape.

The first thing you’ll do is mix up your sea glass paint (like we used in this project), and paint your jar.


While the jar is drying, work on cutting out your fairies. Any image search will be able to find what you need for this step, or if  you are super crafty, you can design your own with black construction paper.

After your jar has dried and your fairies are ready to go, use the scotch tape to secure them to the inside of the jar.


We topped our jar off with a burlap ribbon to add a little extra rustic flair!

In just a few short steps you too can have some beautiful, affordable, new décor.


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Thank you and have a crafty day!

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