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Hello, wonderful readers!

This week rather than a specific craft, we’re going to share with you some ideas of what can be done with recycled pallets and talk about an exciting competition.

If you are familiar with the Kalamazoo area you may have heard about a little event called PalletPalooza. PalletPalooza is a yearly competition that began three years ago and it’s all about taking recycled pallets and making them into something new and beautiful.

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There are so many benefits to entering this competition! You get to create something unique, you are helping keep old pallets out of landfills, and you are helping your community. PalletPalooza will benefit Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan working to improve the community by providing employment, education, training, and support services tailored to individual needs.


Here’s how it works:

  • Makers enter PalletPalooza pallet creations April 8-Augsust 1, 2018 online.
  • Creations will be on display throughout the Kalamazoo Area Sept 21 - October 11, 2018.
  • The top five in each category will be announced October 1, 2018 and online public voting will begin.
  • The public vote decides 1st & 2nd Place Winners in each category. Grand Prize Winner selected by the Judges.
  • Winners to be announced and prizes awarded on PalletPalooza Day October 13, 2018.
  • The public selects a 1st and 2nd place winner in each category:

                              FURNITURE • FUNCTIONAL • ART & DECOR.

  • The overall Grand Prize winner will be selected by our judges.

The entry fee is only $20 and comes with a special PalletPalooza t-shirt!

If you’re interested (and what crafter wouldn’t be) head over to www.palletswmi.com for more information!

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