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Hello, Dear Readers and welcome back for another awesome and easy craft! This week we’ll be making DIY No-Sew Tote Bags! 

For this craft all you’ll need is a knit shirt and a pair of scissors!


First you’ll need to lay your shirt out on a flat surface. We’re going to cut along the top of the sleeves, and around the neck. You can either free hand, or use a pencil to trace your path.

t4   t3   


Next, you’ll want to cut strips across the bottom of your shirt.


From there, flip the shirt inside out and you’re going to tie the strips together. We found that double knotting it was the most secure way.

t7   t7

After that, flip your shirt right way again and you’re done! The perfect tote for all your needs, from the Farmer’s Market to a day trip to the beach!


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