• Making good Work

    Making good Work

Open Enrollment!

Open Enrollment!

Make 2019 the year of improvements. Getting your G.E.D. can be life changing - graduates make more money, are able to obtain better jobs, and take the first steps of a college education (if desired). We also have wrap around services to help you with your resume, interviews, and nearly anything else. Did we mention you'll get breakfast, lunch, AND dinner? Free. All of it.

We're here to help, a simple phone call is all that stands between you and a better life.

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Life Guides

Life Guides

Our Life Guides Program

Life Guides lets families leave poverty behind! A long term wrap around approach for families with at least one child 0-3 gives your dollar the best possible return on your investment to fundamentally make a change in a family’s life! 35% of families in Life Guides for 5+ years no longer require federal or state assistance! *Life Guides is about mindset! The difference between a middle class family and a poverty family is time frame. The Life Guide works with families to take away the need for immediate decisions on food, housing, transportation, jobs, child care and health care. It enables a longer term decision process – something you take for granted. How often is a decision based on today or tomorrow a good decision?

For more information, visit www.lifeguidesswmi.org

Workers on Wheels

Workers on Wheels

Workers on Wheels is a program designed to solve the problem of transportation for those seeking employment. This also provides a solution to employers that cannot find enough employees. The biggest barrier to employment is transportation, simply put, those that want to work are unable to. The average commute time to work in Southwest Michigan is roughly 24 minutes and during the winter its even longer. Let's get people working, donate your car today!

Talk to us directly! (269) 382-0490 or 1-800-343-0174

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Happy Friday, everyone!

This week we're going to be turning an old painting into a cute framed memo board!

The only real must have for this project is an old painting or picture frame and clothes pins, the rest is totally up to you! All the things we used in this project were just items leftover in our craft bin. We used an old (scratched) painting, some parchment paper, clothes pins, some glitter scrapbook paper, and super glue.

The first thing you're going to want to do is cover the painting. For this you really can use anything. Scrap fabric, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, etc. We just happened to have some cute squares of thick parchment paper laying around. Depending on your cover materiel, you may have to play around with which glue works best for your project. (When in doubt use a hot glue gun!)

After we lined our painting with the paper, we cut the glittery scrapbook paper into strips to run diagonally in the corners to tuck other memos into.

You'll also want to decide on placement of your clothespins before you glue them down.

It's that easy! 

Don't let it's blank look fool you, this is a gorgeous board after you load it up!


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