• Mission


To improve the community by providing employment, education, training and support services tailored to individual needs.

Our Values


Meeting the goals that we set for ourselves.


Working together to achieve our mission.


It’s why we are here.


We can change the world one life at a time.

In 1956 Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan was founded to help advance employment capabilities and opportunities for citizens in need. Our initial program resulted in the familiar Goodwill retail store, a venture that has provided productive employment for hundreds of individuals since 1956. Over this time, we have worked to develop and refine additional beneficial services: Industrial Services, Custodial Services, and Rehabilitation Services.

Revenues from our Business Services and the Goodwill retail stores provide the income from which wages and operating expenses are paid. In the end, these funds are channeled back into the communities of Allegan, Berrien, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph and Van Buren counties in the form of taxes paid and the purchase of goods and services by our employees.

Goodwill practices continuous improvement throughout our organization. All our divisions are committed to providing the best possible service in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Staff Directory

John Dillworth

President and CEO
(269) 382-0490, ext. 231

David Grinder

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
(269) 382-0490, ext. 417

Sarah Hutchison-Chee

Director of  Mission Services
(269) 382-0490, ext. 245

Linda Snyder

Director of Education & Grants
(269) 382-0490, ext. 212

Sandy Albain

Vice President, Retail and Plant Operations
(269) 382-0490, ext. 402

Tony Alexander

Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development
(269) 382-0490, ext. 219

Aditya Rama

Vice President, Agency Infrastructure and Security
(269) 382-0490, ext. 233

Ezra Lori

Vice President, Business Development
(269) 382-0490, ext. 213

Nancy DuBois

Director, Life Guides
(269) 382-0490 ext. 258

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