Sorting & Kitting Services

Sorting and Kitting services work seamlessly with your production process to save time and money. Kitting is the tedious process of sorting and assembling individual pieces of a product into a kit. When kitting is complete we then move on to shipping and fulfillment to be delivered for use in production or to be distributed for sale.

Our team has been sorting and kitting on an industrial scale for decades, therefore your kits will be accurately built, output volume will stay consistent, and safely stored until the need for fulfillment and distribution arises. Working with our kitting service will save companies time, money, and mistakes!

Increase Profits While Giving Back

It is a long established fact that community involvement leads to business growth. When businesses partner with Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan not only will they see significant savings and unlimited growth opportunities, they are also providing opportunities for people with barriers to entry (lack of skills, no employment history, legal history, etc). Sorting and Kitting jobs offer opportunities for individuals to learn and develop new skills.

Industrial Applications


Being so close to the motor city and other major metropolitan areas, automotive components are frequently being sorted, kitted, and distributed at our headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Plastics often come to us from multiple industries including the plastics industry itself. We are a top resource for assembly, kitting, and finishing plastic components.

Medical Devices

Some of the world's top medical device companies come to us to sort and assemble medical equipment that is routinely used in operating rooms and laboratories across the nation.

Safety Tools

It's no secret that OSHA is strict when it comes to safety - this is why we're highly sought after when it comes to sorting, assembling, and kitting safety tools for nearly every industry you can think of. Companies need focus and undivided attention when assembling safety tools and components.

Corrugated Cardboard

In 2019 shipping demand will outpace supply by 4-5% (Moody's) due to delivery on demand platforms and interstate commerce. Cardboard is used for kitting, shipping, and distribution in house and for national companies!

Recreational Products

We work with companies and municipalities to assemble landscape forms for products and outdoor recreational areas. Cities giving back and improving neighborhoods can expect to see a 2 fold increase in community happiness.

Benefits of Our Sorting & Kitting Services

Free Up Warehouse Space

We store the components to put the kits together as well as the kits themselves until orders need to be fulfilled or distributed.

Shipping and Fulfillment

We have a dedicated shipping and fulfillment department. Wherever you need your kits to go, we will get them there on time and exactly as they were ordered!

Reduce Costs

When you obtain our kitting & sorting services you will save money - on average we save companies between 30-45% (yes really!).

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