Our Team and Mission

Our team at Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan is second to none. Embracing and celebrating diversity, personal growth, and education are just some of things that make this a great place to work. See what else makes this nonprofit one of the best!

Our Mission

To improve the community by providing employment, education, training and support services tailored to individual needs.

Our Values

What sets us a part from other companies and nonprofits? We put a high value on the people that surround us. Focusing on these values allows all of us to thrive and achieve greater things together as a community!


Meeting the goals we set for ourselves.


Working together to achieve our mission.


It’s why we are here!


We can change the world one life at a time.

Connect with our team


John Dillworth

Chief financial officer

Kelly Scott

Chief Operating officer

Mike Jones

Vice President, Agency Infrastructure and Security

Aditya Rama

Vice President, Retail & Plant operations

Sandy Albain

Vice President, Mission Services

Sarah Hutchison-Chee

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