When you donate to Goodwill roughly 92% of every dollar generated goes into our programs. Each program is designed to help people in our community gain the skills necessary to escape a life of poverty and enter a life of self sustainment. Discover everything we accept below!

When you donate to Goodwill of Southwestern Michigan roughly 94% of every dollar generated is put into our programs. Programs like Life Guides where we make a 20-year commitment to mentor and assist families so they can escape a life of extreme poverty. Other life-changing programs include Adult Education, Job Development, Forklift Certification, Computer Education classes in partnership with Google, etc. Other services we offer include legal paperwork navigation, bus tokens, among other support services.

Have Stuff To Donate?

  • We accept many donations, but not everything is acceptable. Things we can’t accept generally pose a risk to the environment or to people (see image).
  • If you have a large amount (a truckload or larger) to donate you can contact us to set up a time for a home pickup. But first, please check the requirements below.
  • Getting a new car? Or maybe you have an older one that no one drives? Donate your used car to us – we help people obtain transportation so they can get to work through Workers On Wheels!

Where Can You Donate?

Any of our locations!

Other Ways You Can Help

Donating Items Isn't The Only Way

Hands down, the best thing to donate is your time! We have volunteer applications available to those interested. First, you’ll meet with us to figure out the area you’re needed most. Then you’re off to orientation to get the same training we do, and finally, you begin improving the lives of those in your community!

We couldn’t do what we do without donations. Not everyone has “stuff” to donate but you may still want to support what we do. Donating ANY amount of money is a tremendous help to those in our programs. This allows us to provide the best wrap-around services to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Donate By Clicking Here!

Don’t have “stuff” or money to donate? That’s okay! You can be an advocate for what we do! There are many inaccurate statements made about what we do that circulates social media and in other social exchanges. Getting the facts out there can be the difference between someone getting or not getting their GED or escaping poverty!

Donation Pickup Area

We offer a donation pickup service for large donations. If you’d like to request a pickup please meet these requirements or contact us for special circumstances.

  1. Donations total to more than a pickup truck load.
  2. You live within Portage, Michigan zip codes 49024 and 49002.
  3. Donations pass the checklist above.

Schedule a pickup today!

(269) 382-0490 Extension: 400

portage donation map

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