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Vehicle Donations in Southwestern Michigan

Transportation is still a major barrier to getting a job for those in poverty. Our goal is to remove this barrier so those that want to work are able to. This is a step away from dependency and a step closer to self-sufficiency. The donation process is easier than you’d think!

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Transportation Barriers

Lack of transportation is a problem!

“Between 2005 and 2010, 3.5 million rural residents lost access to scheduled intercity transportation, increasing the percent of rural residents without access to intercity transportation from 7 to 11 percent.” – U.S. Bureau of Transportation

Car donations provide people with the transportation they need to become self-sufficient. When community members get to work they become less reliant on government programs. Government programs become less strained as a result. Car donations help people right here in your community! We serve Kalamazoo, Portage, Three Rivers, Sturgis, Paw Paw, South Haven, Benton Harbor, Stevensville, Allegan, and Plainwell areas.

Your Community Benefits!

Donation tips

Donating a car has many benefits, for both you and for your community. The most important tip is know who you’re donating to. Many charities put less than 50% of the money generated from donated vehicles back into their programs. Our efficiency with the process allows us to proudly put ~92% back into our programs. Here is a list of tips to remember when you donate your vehicle to us. 

01  Market value

Before you donate, make sure you research and know the fair market value of your vehicle. If you’re not sure you can visit Kelly Blue Book to get an estimated value. 

02  Take pictures

Once you have a value estimated for your donation you should take pictures of your vehicle before its donated. This adds an extra layer of protection if the IRS wants more proof.

03  Get a receipt

We always provide a receipt of donation, but if we ever forget please ask us for one. We want the car donation experience to benefit you just as much as it benefits the community you’re helping!

04  Fill Out forms

We know, forms are the least fun thing about this process. Thankfully the one form you will need is rather short. The IRS Form 8283 is 2 pages and shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to fill out. This form ensures you can claim this as a tax deduction on itemized returns.

Why Donate Your Vehicle?

Car donations give a helping hand to those that want to work in Southwestern Michigan, Many people that want to work are unable to because they can’t get there! Workers on Wheels is taking great strides to change that. We offer our community  cars and trucks so they can get (and keep) a work. Vehicles are inspected, affordable, and more importantly, reliable. Our goal is to make sure transportation is no longer holding people back from obtaining meaningful employment. After a vehicle is sold we put that money into programs like Adult Education, Job Development, and Computer Education classes.

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